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“A double chin is an accumulation of submental fat separated by a natural skin crease. It is a common condition that results in the formation of a layer of fat below your chin. Even though a double chin is associated with weight gain, you don’t necessarily have to be overweight to develop it.”

So what about reducing the volume of fat in your chin with our fat dissolving injections?

We use a mixture of fat dissolving phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate solution which is administered to the problematic area.

Is this for my double chin only, you ask?

Anyone that wishes to remove small to medium size fat pockets in targeted areas of the body, but don’t want to undergo surgery should consider our method to sculpt away stubborn fatty areas.

The most common areas we treat with fat dissolving injections are:



Bra line

Love handles


Outer leg saddles

Inner thighs


Our fat dissolving cocktail does not contain any animal products, it is not a hormonal treatment and does not contain any hormones. The cocktail has a skin tightening agent that helps to smooth out the area being treated for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Come on in for a quick treatment & kiss those fatty deposits goodbye.

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